Collaboration Reports

During May of 2016, NACFE assisted XStream Trucking, with a real-world fuel economy test of a product they are developing to close the gap between Class 8 tractors and trailers.  During these tests (details of how the test was conducted is provided in the report) a 2.5% reduction in fuel use was witnessed when the device was deployed. Read more here.

November 2013, NACFE was engaged to help plan, execute and validate a fuel efficiency test of a platooning technology under development by Peloton Technology. The report below details a 10% fuel consumption reduction for the trailing tractor trailer and 4.5% for the lead combination, when electronically connected at 36 feet separation and 64 mph. Read more here.

During the summer of 2011, NACFE helped execute and monitor a 5,000 mile fuel economy test for various tire configurations for Michelin NA. This test was conducted as a high mileage confirmation of the improvement in fuel efficiency of various tires in doubles trailer operation. Read more here.


Uptake and costs of NA trailer fuel efficiency technologies

-NACFE again has collaborated with ICCT to interview the industry on fuel efficiency technologies. This report shares learnings from such an effort on technologies available to fleets for improving the fuel efficiency of NA 53-foot trailers. Items included were tires, tire pressure systems, gap reducers, underbelly devices, skirts and trailer tails. The full report can be downloaded here.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Market Barriers

NACFE is proud to announce that the Market Barriers to Technologies for fuel economy sponsored by the ICCT, is now published. It has been a pleasure working with fleets, owner operators, truck and trailer builders, manufacturers and others on this significant study.  Full report can be downloaded here and a narrated video of findings at this link.